My name is Candice! I love roses (more than Sour Patch Kids) and I have stunning (and clearly fake) red hair. I grew up in Florida and LOVE (in an almost obsessive way) Florida Gator Football and the smell of the ocean. I highly dislike walking on the beach, it makes my feet hurt. I am an only child raised by my father and I don’t think we have a single “family photo,” and that makes me kind of sad. I have five children. Five. Biological all took up residency in my stomach for 10 months (213 weeks!)— children. I am very good at getting stubborn littles to smile. If you met my #3 you would understand!!

     Growing up, my dad loved the TV show, Walker Texas Ranger— and I still know the entire theme song (if you ask I will sing it for you, but know I can’t carry a tune) “In the eyes of ranger, the unsuspecting stranger…” When I was in middle school I was convinced I was going to go to Notre Dame. Unforeseeable circumstances landed me at the local college, and, in hindsight, Northern winters aren’t for me!! My life goal was a career in photojournalism for a prominent New York newspaper – but, seriously Northern winters! Then, I met my husband and Jacksonville, North Carolina called our names…(or maybe it was the Marine Corps) I don’t cook and I am grateful to my husband who can, but I can bake bread from scratch.


     Now, I take portraits of families and weddings and I love every second of it. Okay… Maybe not ALL of it… I could do without the taxes portion. My goal is to make families happy. I am talkative and loving, and occasionally hyper —I make a huge mess in my studio because my brain works faster than my arms and legs but I WILL get the shot I want! Sometimes if you tell me your little is a stubborn smiler I will bring my 15 year old to on-location shoots and she WILL get that smile!!! I love to meet everyone I can, and can’t wait to see how 2019 goes!!

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I am a member of The Rising Tide Society, Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographer of North Carolina, Professional Imaging Group of Eastern North Carolina, and accredited by The Better Business Bureau. 

November 2018

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August 2016

<--- Me and my # 1 in this November. 

Me in November 2016 at Chandler Studios modeling for a lighting class for Professional Photographers of North Carolina. --->

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​December 2015