For more information about pumping breastmilk and preparing for your newborn session, please read this blog written by a local IBCLC. I will never ask you to pump this early, please do what is best and comfortable for you and your new baby!!

Preparing for your newborn photography session is important in order to achieve your vision!

     The best time to begin planning your newborn session is while you’re still pregnant. Ideally, I like to schedule them between 5 and 10 days old. They grow so quickly at this age, and we want to make sure we capture those first few days. Some say 12 days— In my humble opinion and experience 7 is ideal. Can we do them older? Of course!! Any age is perfect to have their photos taken! (ok, except maybe not the cranky teenager… or maybe that’s just my girl)! If your vision is soft gentle curled up newborns however, 5 to 10 days. 
        While you’re still pregnant is the perfect time to have an in-person consult to discuss your vision for your session. If you have any personal items you’d like to include in the session as memorable items please mention. Many photographers (such as myself) have many prop options as well depending on what you have envisioned and your photographers style. I love to incorporate things that mean something to you and your family as well, so please do not hesitate to ask, these are your newborn portraits. Tell me about your families hobbies, and favorite color scheme, I want to know what makes your family happy.  
       If you’d like older siblings in the session I think that is a great idea! In my studio I have space and room with a full toy box to keep busy while the new baby is being photographed, but it is also a good idea for another parent to attend so they’re able to play with them or take them home after their part with baby so they don’t have to wait. Because sometimes being three years old and waiting is super hard work. 
       Let’s talk about feeding that newborn squish! Have no fear, we have time to wait while you’re feeding your little one between shots because we understand the value of feeding on demand. Pumping isn’t for everyone and isn’t ideal for the first 3-6 weeks unless you’re exclusively pumping. Covered or uncovered, I want you to be comfortable while you’re enjoying your new littles newborn portrait session. Please do not feel like you must do anything special, we work on the baby's time to make them as happy and comfortable as we can! Formula babies, same rules apply. They’ll eat when they’re hungry and we’re in the business to care for their needs first. 
       I don’t like to set time limits on sessions, but the typical time is 2-3 hours. We want to make sure we get the shots you want, and if that takes three hours than that's how long it takes. After 3 hours, if we're still trying to accomplish our goals I may ask you to come back tomorrow so we can all rest and start again with fresh eyes. (This does not happen often. Maybe once a year.) 

​     The morning of your session, it is ideal to *try* to keep baby awake and stimulated an hour or two prior so they'll be good and sleepy when you arrive at the studio. Please don't put any tight fitting clothes on baby because they can often leave elastic marks or creases on their skin. Also, please bring them in an outfit that does not go over their head to take off.  I do not take "naked" baby photos, but sometimes baby isn't wearing more than a diaper cover and we'd like to keep clothing imprints off of their skin. I may keep the studio a little warm to keep baby comfortable, please keep that in mind when choosing your own attire as well. I'll be comfortable, you should be too. A few days after baby is born, give me a call and we'll consider baby's sleep and eating schedule and times when baby is the happiest, and make plan our session from there. 
     Once your images are complete you'll be invited to come in to the studio to view your completed gallery in a slide show on my television from a (very comfy) couch and carefully choose which ones you want to bring home! Every photographer has a different style and methods for sessions, it is important to find the one who is right for your family. This is what I use. I look forward to seeing you soon!